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Summon any character!


Create characters with AI, chat with them, and play them in any game! You can make any character, creature, or anything else you can imagine.

Remix your character to change their appearance, personality, and abilities. Save your characters and even see what they look like from different universes with themes like fantasy, sci-fi, and more.

Instantly create new art, equipment, abilities, loadouts, themes, stories, lore, and even custom rulesets for any character and publish them to share instantly.



Monthly Membership
  • Advanced AI Access
    All Summon creation and other AI prompts will use the much more powerful and creative OpenAI GPT-4 model when possible. Use of GPT-4 Vision to analyze images, drawings, and videos.
  • Advanced AI Art
    Unlocks use of DALL-E 3 and (based on availability) to create vastly superior AI art and allows for better use of AI tools.
  • Support Creators
    Summon Hero does not have a Patreon or other donation system. Instead, we allow you to support the creator of Summon Hero directly by upgrading to Pro and getting access to private features and content.


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These are characters made by the community! You can chat with or play with any of these characters and view and download their cards for print.


Click on one of the card options to create your character. Want to create an AI character that isn't a card? Click here to see all the options.


What is Summon Hero?

Summon Hero is a powerful AI-driven website that allows you to easily design and generate custom AI characters for RPGs, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: the Gathering, Pokemon cards and any other game. With just a few clicks, you can bring your imaginative characters to life and create stunning cards for any game. The AI utilizes advanced algorithms to handle the character creation process swiftly and efficiently.

Our cutting-edge technology, powered by the latest GPT-4 OpenAI language model, employs JavaScript, HTML, and CSS programming to swiftly code your cards.

Chat with any of your characters, and they will respond to you with a unique personality, story, abilities, inventory, weapons, and armor. You can also download a file that allows you to print and play with your character.

How Does Summon Hero Work?

Summon Hero uses AI to make any character playable in any game while keeping the character consistent with the rules of the game. The AI will generate your character based on the rules of any game like playing cards, chess, Pokemon Cards, Magic: The Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Your character will have the same art, abilities, and stats that work for any game.

Chat with your characters, equip them for games, and even taken them on an Adventure which allows them to interact with other AI characters and the world around them.

What Types of Characters Can I Create?

Anything from characters to creatures to heroes to villains can be made with Summon Hero. Each character is also a complete AI agent, able to engage as a gaming AI, AI agent, or quick one-shot NPC in a game.

The AI is designed to handle the creation of generally basic characters across any theme.

Does Summon Hero Use AI?

Big time. Summon Hero employs GPT-3.5 and DALLE-2 the most powerful model for AI-driven card creation.

Please note that Summon Hero AI does not retain information or context from previous prompts. Each card generated is unique and independent of any prior images or prompts.

Privacy of Prompts

Anything submitted and the associated content may be made public upon submission.

Prompts themselves may be stored internally for research purposes, it is highly unlikely that Summon Hero would ever release the raw prompts publicly, especially considering that some users may include personal information. Please refrain from submitting any personal information.

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